Recruitment position: business manager

Work experience: more than one year for men and women

Job Requirements:

1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of target customers, and the achievement of sales tasks;

2. Understand the market conditions and report in time;

3. The company allocates certain resources to find potential customer groups through various media such as on-site visits, phone calls, WeChat, and old customer introductions

4. Make appointments and visit customers, provide professional product demonstrations and solutions for customers on-site, and actively improve customer experience;

5. Effectively maintain and develop customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction and customer value, and establish long-term win-win customer partnerships;

6. Carry out business negotiation and other customer development and business development work, sign orders, and recover related service payments.

Welfare treatment: pay five insurances, two holidays, five days and eight hours, telephone bill subsidy, meal subsidy, housing subsidy.

 Address: No. 9 Plant, No. 168 Xinjian Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

 Contact: Mr. Song 13812882259